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  • Biblical Principles & Leadership

    PREPARING LEADERS FOR THE FUTURE Leadership today requires more than a cookie-cutter set of skills that are simple to develop and assess. Most people like me, didn’t have a “rich dad” mentor while growing up. Many were not so expose to successful business leaders or have limited exposure. Leaders must

  • Parenting

    GROUP FOCUS:  PARENTING DESCRIPTION: Group meet one day in a month at a member’s house to share important resources and content on parenting from biblical perspectives.  Stories of personal experiences are shared in these meetings and common parenting challenges are and solutions are discussed. MEETING OBJECTIVES: The objective of this

  • Family Enrichment

    RCCG Mount Zion Marriage enrichment group is established with the purpose of enriching marriages within and outside the church of God. In this group, you will be able to connect with people with real life relationship experiences, find support with real life solution (help) and hope for a lasting marriage

  • Communications

    RCCG Mt. Zion Communications  Communication – What is It and Why is It Important? Communication typically includes making information known or the exchanging of information or news. Good communication management is critical to the success of any organization but specifically to the church. Consistency in communication helps gain trust and

  • House Fellowships


    BLESSED HOUSE – RIVERDALE SOUTH (RIVERDALE 2) House Leader: OMO OMORUYI Phone#678-525-3941 Email:omoenabulele@yahoo.com Asst. Leader NGOZI NKEMADU Phone#404-610-7836 Email:uchepatrick123@gmail.com