RCCG Mt. Zion Communications 

Communication – What is It and Why is It Important?

Communication typically includes making information known or the exchanging of information or news.

Good communication management is critical to the success of any organization but specifically to the church. Consistency in communication helps gain trust and credibility with those whom the church serves.

Because people involved in a ministry have a vested interest in what the organization is doing and how they are performing.  RCCG Mt. Zion communication management is about sharing information in a proactive way to keep members informed and engaged.


The vision of the communication department is to promote and present a favorable image of the church, its vision, its mission, its life, and activities, as well as to assist the church in being an effective witness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement:

Communication is key for the proclamation of the gospel to the world. Matthew 28:19, 20 clearly states that we should go teach, preach, and baptize. To effectively carry out this mandate, the RCCG Mt. Zion communication department will employ various communicative tools to spread the good news of salvation. While each member of the church is a witness, the communication department will work with all administrators and departments in the church to strengthen and propel the gospel commission.

Statement of Commitment: 

RCCG Mt Zion communications will be committed to ensure that members are kept informed and the church is properly represented to the public.

Objective: The objective of RCCG Mt. Zion department is to reach society, both within the church and externally, with an open, responsible, and hope-filled communication program through the effective use of contemporary technologies and methods of communication.

Short-term Goals:                                                                                     

  • Create a database of church member’s email addresses and phone numbers
  • Promote public service announcements of church programs
  • Ensure that all church members and surrounding community are well informed and aware of programs and events of the church.
  • Establish guidelines/standard specifying what kind of information gets shared, the process for sharing the information, and the timeliness of what is communicated.
  • Increase and promote public awareness of the church programs and activities using various communication tools such as:
  • Email
  • Postal letter
  • Church website
  • Projector/Displays
  • Face book
  • Phone calls
  • Bulletin
  • Novelty items: T-shirts, pens, notepads, magnets, coffee mugs etc

Long-term Goal:

  • Work to get church activities and events noted in the media
  • Cover church activities for radio and television News
  • Increase awareness for the programs and activities of the church using the various communication tools such as
  • Brochure
  • Fact sheets
  • Newspaper ads
  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Newsletter
  • Electronic media: Television, Radio, Videos, Audios etc

Team Members:

Deaconess Bunmi Folarinde

Deacon Paul Aiyeyomi

Deacon Olajide Dokun

Bro. Kemi Adams

Bro. Peter Oladeji

Bro. Yinka Onakoya

Bro. Tunde Sowunmi

Bro. Rotimi Fatinikun
Roles and Responsibilities

  1. News and Information
    RCCG Mt. Zion communication department will be responsible for keeping church members informed about upcoming activities and share church news with Mt. Zion family.

Making sure that vision, message, etc is delivered in a timely manner.

Working with church office to produce news items for the church bulletin

  1. Media Relations

RCCG Mt. Zion communication department will be responsible for raising public awareness of our church: its members, its mission, and its message; work to get church activities and events noted in the media; and help to get the church’s views included in the news adequately and accurately.

3. Public Relations

RCCG Mt. Zion communication department will be responsible for building, monitoring, and protecting the image of the church and its name, within the community.

  1. Advertising and Promotion
    RCCG Mt. Zion communication department will be responsible for strategically promoting all church programs and evangelism campaigns to attract attendance.